Our Mission Statement – To provide access to reliable, quality healthcare for the community we serve, in a caring atmosphere.

Vision Statement – To be a healthcare facility that offers full service care to Pasadena’s medically under served community.

Center Goal – The goal of Pasadena Health Center is to reduce or eliminate Pasadena community health disparities through healthcare and outreach. PHC will make health care affordable for the medically under served community that exists in Pasadena, Texas and offer its services to people in surrounding cities who have transportation to the center. PHC promotes healthier lifestyles through the services the center provides.

Target Population Demographics – The target population is comprised of 30.8% white, 64.9% Hispanic/Latino, 1.6% African American, and 2.7% from other nationalities indicating a total minority population of 69.2%. Current statistics show that 51.8% of the service area population speaks a language other than English at home, with the predominant language being Spanish. Census data indicates that 31.8% of the target population has not completed high school, and of all adults 25 years or older in the service area, 68.2% have only a high school education/GED or less. The predominant health disparities are substance abuse, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy rate, late entry into prenatal care, dental disease, obesity, unintentional injury rate, and pediatric asthma. PHC has worked to address many of the health disparities in the service area to improve health outcomes among the residents. We are able to tract health disparities through the use of the electronic health record and the UDS report which is submitted annually.

Federal Tort Claims Act: Pasadena Health Center is deemed by HRSA as a Federal Tort Claims Act site. This designation has been achieved and is maintained by the health center on an annual basis.