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Another year has come with another chance to start anew.  It’s easy to get caught up in the rush to make resolutions, but they’re often not realistic and are cast aside before the end of January.  We all strive to be happier and healthier, but that doesn’t necessarily require anything drastic. Simple and slow change is often the longest lasting and most impactful.

A Healthier You

The idea of being healthy is often confused by the overabundance of diets and exercises in the media today.   Health is not one body type or another, but rather the level at which you function on a metabolic and functional level. The more efficiently your body functions, the healthier you are. If you want to get healthier in 2018, here are 3 simple goals you can make:

1. Avoid Fast Food.

Not only is fast food high in calories and sodium, but it lacks vital nutrients your body needs. The excess calories you take in every day are then stored as fat, which is much harder to lose than it is to gain!  Try preparing lunches at the beginning of the week to save time (and money).  If you have to eat out, avoid fried foods and starchy carbohydrates.  Healthier alternatives are available at most fast food establishments, but it’s easier to bring your own food and avoid the temptation all together!

2. Unwind in Healthier Ways.

How do you unwind after a long day or week?  It’s easy to overindulge in food or alcohol if you use those things to relax.  Find healthier ways to blow off steam, such as taking a long walk or soaking in a hot bath.  If you find yourself falling into the same habits when socializing, find new activities to do with friends or family.  Go bowling, camping, or see a movie.  

3. Get More Sleep.

Adequate sleep is vital to our health.  Lack of sleep impairs concentration and reasoning, and can lead to increased risk of depression and disease.   The amount of sleep you should get every night varies, but in general should be no less than six hours per night.

New Year, New You

If you’ve made positive goals for the New Year, then you’re on the right track.  There is no quick fix to guarantee health, but small goals made and met over a lifetime. Be kind to yourself, respectful of your body and health will follow!

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