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No matter what grade your child is about to begin, there’s always the yearly back-to-school checklist that must be completed before they’ll be allowed to start. Most notably, your child will need to be up to date on vaccinations, and if they’ll be participating in any extracurricular activities, will also need a physical. Waiting until the last minute to get your child up to date on #vaccinations can lead to back to school delays and headaches. Click To Tweet

Smart Student Vaccinations

While getting your child the proper vaccinations and physicals is often thought of as an end of summer task, waiting until then only makes things more hectic. You’re going to be busy buying school supplies, meeting new teachers and arranging for after-school programs and transportation. Take care of vaccinations and physicals early to avoid the end of summer rush.

Avoid Delays

To prevent the spread of diseases and to keep kids of all ages safe and healthy, students from kindergarten to college must have proof of immunizations before they can start school. It’s best to get those important vaccines now to avoid longer wait times later and to ensure a smooth beginning to the school year. In most states, students who cannot provide a recent vaccination record will not be allowed to start school.

Catch Red Flags Early

Back to school check-ups and physicals are often the only visit kids and teenagers have with their pediatrician every year. The annual physical gives the pediatrician a chance to give the child a thorough physical exam and address any concerns. This is also their opportunity to identify red flags early, giving them plenty of time to treat or address such issues.

Get Organized

It’s important to keep important documents and records organized and accessible. Each child should have a folder or file with their birth certificate, social security card, vaccination records and any other vital documents. This will eliminate the headache of searching for these items before school begins each year.

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