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PHC Provides community healthcare for those in and around the Pasadena, Texas area. Their goal is to reduce or eliminate community health disparities through healthcare and outreach. Do you know what documents you need to qualify for PHC’s sliding scale discount? Find out here. Click To Tweet

New Eligibility Policy

Pasadena Health Center offers a sliding scale discount for patients who qualify. This amount is based on the number of dependents residing at the patient’s residence, as well as total income earned in the household. If you will have a problem making a payment for services, discuss this with our staff before services are rendered. Here are the items you must provide to be eligible for this discount under the new policy:


If possible, present the following at the time of your visit:

  • Valid Texas Driver’s License or Texas ID for Adults
  • Valid ID or Birth Certificate for each child
  • If you don’t have a photo ID you may be asked to present proof by letter from a friend confirming your identity.

Financial Documents

  • 2 paycheck stubs for each person in the same household that is working.
  • If you do not get paid by check, bring a letter from your employer stating the amount of monthly gross earnings (or $ per hour and number of hours worked per week).
  • Proof of assistance from Texas Unemployment Commission (if you are receiving checks from the Commission).
  • Your 2 most recent Bank Statements
  • Proof of any other financial assistance you receive (includes child support, food stamps, etc.)
  • If a dependent in your household is a full-time college student, you must provide proof of their enrollment.
  • Medicaid eligibility letter: this should be the same month the patient is being seen.
  • Your latest income tax filed
  • For eligibility renewal, you will need to present new current documents

Putting Community First

Pasadena Health Center offers a comprehensive approach to community healthcare including family medicine, pediatric services, endocrinology, dental care, OBGYN services, senior care, and counseling. We also offer the convenience of an on-site 340B pharmacy, lab, and imaging.

Contact Us to learn more about our new eligibility policy, or to schedule an appointment.