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Affordable, easily scheduled healthcare can be hard to come by in our busy world. Fortunately, mobile clinics are becoming more common and working to address this critical problem.  You can schedule a visit at your workplace or organization so that all of your staff can receive mandatory injections or health screenings at once.

Bringing a mobile clinic to your workplace, business, school, or festival allows people to receive medical care and treatment on short notice and at affordable prices. Take steps to mandate a healthy workplace by booking a mobile clinic to visit your organization. In addition, keep an eye on our events calendar to see when our mobile clinic will be near you! Never miss a chance to check up on your health.

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Bring a Healthcare Provider Anywhere

Whether you want to book a mobile unit for your school, business, or even a large party, you can schedule a time for the health clinic to arrive. Encourage your friends, coworkers, or employees to take care of their health with a low-cost, easily scheduled clinic visit. Anywhere there’s a parking lot, you can have a mobile clinic!

Receive Quality Medical Care

A mobile medical unit comes equipped with all the machines and supplies necessary to administer standard care. You can expect the same level of care that you would receive at a healthcare facility. Services include:

  • Vaccinations
  • BMI calculations
  • Smoking cessation help
  • Blood pressure screening
  • Diabetes screening
  • Vision and hearing tests

Pro Tip: A mobile health clinic can provide quality healthcare for your organization or workplace from a single convenient location.

Schedule at a Convenient Time for Everyone

A mobile clinic visit must be scheduled at a time convenient for everyone, including the healthcare providers. Thankfully, the schedule is flexible. Just call the healthcare center, let them know how many people to expect, and find the closest available date for staff to bring a mobile clinic to your organization. Clear your calendar for their visit!

Promoting Health through Mobile Clinics in Houston

Inviting a mobile health clinic to your workplace or organization is more than just a convenient way to visit a healthcare provider. Others who have trouble finding the free time or traveling to the medical office will benefit from having a clinic literally parked outside their workplace door. Americans already sacrifice their health too much. Help curb this problem through booking a visit from a mobile clinic.

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