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According to recent reports, there are multiple coronavirus vaccines currently being evaluated in the research community. Stay up to date on the latest news surrounding COVID-19 with information from our medical team.

As of July 2020, three coronavirus vaccines have been proposed and are being put through testing. Get the facts with the latest COVID-19 update. Click To Tweet

Currently, there are three COVID-19 vaccines that are entering Stage II and Stage III trials. With positive cases rising, state and city officials have begun rethinking the reopening process of each community. Information regarding COVID-19 spreading and safety protocols isn’t clearly known, but multiple companies are working to find a solution.

Stage 3 Vaccines

Operation Warp Speed is the largest contract for $1.6 Billion with Novavax. They hope to have vaccines by the early part of next year. Part contained in the spike protein, the goal is to create an immune response to stop the spike protein and contain it. The vaccine is hoping to address mutations that are occurring with COVID-19. A new strain was recently discovered. The major mutation detected to date in the SARS-CoV-2 viral envelope spike protein’s concerning researchers who are working to develop the new vaccines and is currently a concern. Physicians will have to be more aware of this change in the virus. G614 is a more pathogenic strain of SARS-CoV-2.

AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson are also in Stage 3. In addition, Regeneron is in clinical trials on a new drug REGN-COV2. Antibodies targeted are targeting the spike protein. This company has been effective in the past and they are now moving into phase 3.

COVID-19 Facts: What We Know

Sar’s Covi 2 confirms an amino acid change 614 – authors say Coronavirus has a genetic change. When cells divide there is normally not a lot of mechanisms to mutate. Mutations can occur which is rare but favorable. That being said, any mutation can change the virus.

Vaccines are one reason we are worried. There are over 19 approaches being explored. Many are looking at the spike protein, which many antibodies are formed against. The G614 strain is new with the original being the D146 strain. They are seeing this pattern again and again, which causes higher upper viral loads and doesn’t increase sickness.

Without a doubt, our elderly population is the most vulnerable to the virus. Data from over 27 countries verified that people in their 50’s and 60’s need extra assistance, especially since most may not want to wear a face mask. At the end of the day, case counts and hospitalizations are rising and it’s important to focus on measures that will minimize deaths.

Staying Safe at Work

If you’re experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, it’s important to get a PCR test to confirm. There are a lot of false negatives, but the PCR test is verified to give the best possible results. In your workplace, it’s still important for you to put plans in place on how to mitigate staffing shortages. Start developing plans to allow asymptomatic workers to work, while monitoring themselves for fever and wearing a mask (specifically, the N95 mask) for 14 days. In the unfortunate case that asymptomatic carriers exhibit symptoms, they should be required to leave work. It’s preferred for them to stay at home until they have taken two separate tests showing a negative result. After 10 days, it is unlikely to be transmitted and can start making plans to leave home at that time.

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