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Your dental health is a vital part of your overall general health and ongoing quality of life. Taking proper care of your oral hygiene is just as important as the rest of your body. That’s why dental care is essential to your family health plan.  

Dental Care for Your Entire Family

Everyone wants to keep a nice smile as long as possible. Like your other health needs, your dental care needs change throughout the different seasons of life. It’s important to attend to the dental needs of your entire family.

Babies and Toddlers

Tooth decay is big problem for babies as they get their first set of teeth. Teething infants are prone to cavities and need dental care. It’s recommended to schedule their first dental appointment by their 1st birthday and to have regular checkups every 6 months.


Your child’s first adult teeth will begin to come in between the ages of 6 and 12. It’s typically an uphill battle to get kids at this age to practice good dental hygiene habits. That’s why regular checkups and cleanings are essential.

Tweens and teenagers

It’s during the preteen and teenage years that most kids who need braces will get them. With or without braces, however, regular checkups and cleanings are essential to maintain the best oral health and prevent cavities. The better your children and teenagers take care of their teeth, the longer they’ll last and the fewer problems they should have later on.


As adults, you’re busy working and taking care of your family. It can be easy to let your checkups slip by, but routine examinations are essential. It’s important to keep your teeth and gums healthy and to prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease so you don’t lose bone density. As you get older, other serious health conditions may manifest first in the mouth as well. These conditions include diabetes, heart disease, infections, and other conditions. Your teeth may also start to loosen. It’s best to catch anything as early on as possible.


About ¼ of seniors 60 and above don’t have any natural teeth. Seniors need to preserve their teeth as long as possible and fight gingivitis and periodontal disease. Your risk for gum disease increases as you age.

Advantages of a Family Dentist


Children, in general, fear going to the dentist. However, when your dentist is able to build a relationship with them, they become more and more comfortable as their trust builds. The dentist also will become familiar with your family’s dental history which allows for early detection and preventive maintenance.


You won’t have to search for a dentist every time you need a cleaning or have an issue. You can schedule appointment easily and coordinate your family’s schedules. Many dentists also send out text and email reminders of upcoming appointments.


You know you’ll receive the same level of quality service every time you visit the dentist. Because your dentist knows your family and your individual dental histories, he or she will be much more reliable in the case of an emergency than a random general dentist. They treat your mouth and teeth comprehensively and will keep records of everything, so they’ll know better than anyone what to do in every situation.

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Your dental health is vital to your overall health and quality of life. Having family dental care ensures you have someone watching carefully over your entire family’s oral health so you can have peace of mind. Choose your family dentist with care so your family will enjoy years of excellent dental health.

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