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As the cases of coronavirus in the Greater Houston area continue to increase, it’s more important than ever to follow the updates from health organizations and public officials. Social distancing policies have been put in place to protect you, your family, and the community. At Pasadena Health Center, it is our mission to provide the necessary testing, care, and education to prevent the spread. 

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Coronavirus Updates for the City of Pasadena

While the community is trying to navigate the uncharted waters of a global pandemic, so is our local health center. We are offering various services to assist in the diagnosis and prevention of coronavirus for our valued patients. 

  1. FDA Approved Coronavirus Tests In-House
  2. If Experiencing Mild Symptoms, Self Quarantine
  3. Telehealth Appointments

1) FDA Approved Coronavirus Tests In-House

We have three FDA Approved COVID-19 tests in-house. In order to receive a test, the person should be exhibiting the following signs:

  • Trouble breathing
  • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
  • Fever- usually a high-grade fever

Older adults and people who have severe underlying medical conditions like heart or lung disease or diabetes seem to be at higher risk for developing more serious complications from COVID-19 illness. They will be given priority along with first responders and healthcare professionals who might have been exposed.

Pro Tip: Coronavirus tests are by appointment only. If you’re experiencing symptoms, call before you come so that our staff can prepare.

 The patient coming to the clinic should call upon arrival. They will be given a mask and met by staff before they enter the clinic. They will be taken to a room where a nurse will administer the test. If the test is positive results will be reported to the City of Pasadena Health Department and the Harris County Health Department.  The recommendation could be made for them to go to a hospital especially in cases with severe respiratory issues. 

No walk-in patients will be accepted for testing. All tests will occur on time. 

People who are late (and do not call us) or who cancel will be charged $25.

2) If Experiencing Mild Symptoms, Self Quarantine

At this time options for people with mild symptoms are as follows:

    • Self-quarantine away from family and or pets.
    • Stay home unless you’re going to a medical appointment.
    • Separate yourself from others in your home so they don’t contract the virus. Use a different bathroom if possible.
    • Cleanliness is extremely important. Cough into a napkin or your sleeve, keep frequently touched surfaces sanitized, don’t touch your face and wash your hands frequently.
    • CDC Guidelines for Self Quarantine

3) Telehealth Appointments

The center can arrange for telemedicine by phone. People who need counseling or who wish to speak to a doctor can schedule an appointment and a time to do this. It is considered a billable visit. We are doing this for people who have sheltered in place and who do not want to come into the clinic due to COVID-19.

The clinic dental department is still accepting emergency cases per the State Mandate. We have a letter that explains what is acceptable. Simple cleanings and exams are not. We can take patients for emergencies such as an abscessed tooth. People who want more information can call in for clarification and to set an appointment to be seen.

We’re Here for You

In this unsettling time, our healthcare team is here for the local Pasadena community. Don’t hesitate to schedule a telephone appointment for private, secure counseling sessions with a licensed therapist. Take this time to take care of yourself and your well being. 

If there is any help that we can provide or anything we can do to help support the city during this time please contact us.