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Can flu shots help protect against COVID? Though it sounds unlikely, a new study has shown that those who are vaccinated against the flu and test positive for COVID-19 might have fewer symptoms than those with no vaccine. How can that be? 

Although this hasn’t been definitively proven, it is promising. There is a possibility that the flu shot can help reduce the most severe symptoms. While this data is new, if it is proven then this could be a great way to offer even better protection against the coronavirus. 

Can flu shots help protect against COVID? A new study suggests this may be the case in more severe cases. Learn more in the following blog post! Click To Tweet

The New Study on The Flu Vaccines

The new study on this subject came from the University of Miami and came out at the beginning of the month. What this would do is help reduce the chance of a double pandemic (influenza and coronavirus) in the following flu season. 

How does the flu shot do this? Well, according to Steven Reinberg, a reporter from HealthDay, “Why a flu shot would protect against some severe effects of COVID-19 isn’t clear, but it’s possible that it primes the immune system to reduce the odds of some system-wide harms also seen with flu, the researchers say.”

Steven also says, “If you are infected with COVID-19, having had a flu shot makes it less likely you will suffer severe body-wide infection, blood clots, have a stroke or be treated in an intensive care unit, according to the study.”

If we can reduce the risk of patients developing sepsis, suffering from blood clots, or dealing with severe lung damage, then it is worth doing. 

Not a Replacement For COVID Vaccines

This is great news, but it is important to remember that this is not a replacement for the COVID-19 vaccine. This study does not indicate there is a causal link between the flu shot and preventing the coronavirus. The main thing this study has established is that there is an association between the flu vaccine and “lower morbidities of COVID infection” according to Dr. Eric Cioe-Pena

The best way for our country to beat the virus is for a majority of the population to be vaccinated to strengthen herd immunity

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Regardless of this new study, it is known that flu shots are beneficial to the population. The CDC advises the population to get a yearly flu shot. Whether it is to protect against the flu or to offer extra protection against the coronavirus; it is important to get vaccinated. 

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