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Over the last week, COVID cases rose in both more vaccinated states and less vaccinated states in the United States. How has this compared in low-vaccinated states versus high-vaccinated states? Do the vaccines really work, or is there no need for them? 

There is a big benefit to being vaccinated. This last week has shown how effective the vaccines have been. The data shows that each state with a high vaccination rate had a higher spike than other states. 

Rates of Vaccination in the States

States with a lower vaccination rate like Alabama and Mississippi are averaging 7.8 cases per 100,000 people each day. While that does not sound like a lot of cases, compared to states like Vermont (which has the highest vaccination percentage at 66.5%), Alabama is almost three times higher. 

What is different about these two states? According to the vaccine data, states like Alabama have a 33.4% fully vaccinated population. That is a big difference between the most vaccinated state and the least vaccinated state. 

Unvaccinated People are at Risk

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and HealthData.gov, there is a hot spot in the middle of the country for lab test positivity, the number of new coronavirus cases and deaths, and the hospital admissions all within the last 7 days. 

The common denominator among these states is that they have a low percentage of vaccinated people. While COVID-19 cases are rising all over the country, the data shows that states with higher vaccination rates are more protected than other states. 

Benefits of Being Fully Vaccinated

We have written a lot about the benefits of being fully vaccinated but it cannot be overemphasized. There are so many benefits to taking the COVID-19 vaccine, the biggest one being that vaccination is the safest way to build herd immunity among your community. 

Another great benefit of being vaccinated is being able to go out more without worrying about getting sick. That can take a lot of stress off of your mind. 

Where Can I Get Vaccinated? 

Pasadena Health Center is offering the vaccine! The vaccine is free with most insurances; the exceptions are plans like a CHIPS plan and certain private insurances. Check with your provider to see if we are covered in your plan. If you get your vaccine with us, we have a free $25 Door Dash gift card for you while supplies last.

We will also be offering Back to School Vaccines. Bring your child’s vaccine record with you as this will allow us to know what vaccines your child has, and what they need. Just like with the COVID-19 vaccine, we are offering free backpacks and other school supplies while supplies last. Come by to get your vaccines today!

Get Vaccinated Today

Health officials all over the country are urging people to get vaccinated for good reason. COVID cases are rising much higher than in places with low vaccination rates. This is why it is extremely important to get vaccinated if you can. 

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