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Many of us are asking, “Do I need a COVID booster?” Many of us are tired of the pandemic (reasonably so), but we still should take some precautions against a COVID-19 infection. Some of those precautions are getting a booster if you have already gotten the vaccine. 

The booster provides additional protection for those who are already received the vaccine. It re-equips the body with the protection the vaccine offers. Studies show that the best time to get a vaccine is six months after the final dose of the vaccine. What should you do if you have already gotten the most recent strain of the virus? 

You may be asking, “Do I need to get a COVID booster, especially if I’ve gotten sick recently?” Let’s dive into the answer to that question in the following blog post. Click To Tweet

What the Booster Does

Because of the nature of the virus, our current vaccines (in the US this would be the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, Pfizer Biontech or Moderna) do not offer lasting protection against COVID-19. 

The security the vaccine offers decreases over time because the virus evolves too rapidly. Just like the flu virus, COVID evolves quickly. The booster works as a blueprint for your white blood cells to remind them of how to effectively fight against the virus. 

When to Get the Booster

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends getting the booster shot at least 5 months after completing the previous doses of either Pfizer or Moderna. For Johnson & Johnson, you should get the booster two months after the previous dose. 

Boosters and Natural Antibodies

So what happens when you get sick before you have a chance to get the booster? Well, after getting sick you develop natural antibodies from fighting off the virus. Studies show that natural antibodies decay within 90 days, so it would still be a good idea to get boosted once you have recovered from COVID-19. 

More specifically aljazeera.com says, “According to the UK’s National Health Service, people should wait 28 days after testing positive for COVID-19 before getting their booster shots. This is to ensure that the symptoms of the infection are not confused with any potential side effects from the vaccines.” 

Stay Safe and Do What’s Best For You

At the end of the day, it is your decision whether or not you get vaccinated. We urge you to do what you think is best for you and your loved ones. If that means getting vaccinated or boosted, Pasadena Health Center is here to help. 

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