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Yet another COVID variant has developed in the world. There are a lot of unanswered questions about this new variant, so we thought it would be a good idea to go over the omicron variant information we know so far. What is the omicron variant, should we be worried about this strain, and is there some good news? 

While we do not know a lot about the omicron variant, we do know that it is the most contagious variant that has developed so far. Early studies show that the variant may be much less dangerous than other variants, which could be great news. 

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What is the Omicron Variant?

The omicron variant is a strain of the COVID-19 virus that was recently discovered in South Africa. This variant was first discovered in the United States on December 1st, 2021. The CDC states that current vaccines are expected to protect against severe infection and hospitalizations. 

They also said breakthrough infections are likely to occur. “With other variants, like Delta, vaccines have remained effective at preventing severe illness, hospitalizations, and death. The recent emergence of Omicron further emphasizes the importance of vaccination and boosters.” 

Possible Good News

There is some possible good news about this variant. Early studies in South Africa is hinting that although this variant is more contagious than the previous variants, it may cause less severe symptoms than other variants. 

In the best-case scenario, the omicron variant could become the dominant strain of this disease, and that would mean COVID would not be as dangerous as it is now. As more and more people are infected with the omicron variant, we would be able to have herd immunity to COVID-19. 

Should We Worry?

The main question many of us are asking is “should we be worried about this new variant?” The truth is that we shouldn’t be overly worried about this new variant, but it is still a variant of concern because we don’t have very much research about this strain yet. 

Although it could be the best-case scenario, it could also not be. The best thing our society can do right now is continue to wash our hands, wear masks, and get vaccinated. 

Stay Safe

To recap, we don’t know a lot about the new omicron variant yet, and it will only take time for us to learn more. Some of the data we have collected so far is promising, but it is too soon to tell. The best thing for us to do is sit tight, and continue being safe. 

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