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With flu season coming up it is imperative to get both the flu shot and COVID vaccine. But why should we worry about the upcoming flu season more this year than in the past? Does the flu and COVID-19 compound on each other if you get both at the same time, or is there another reason? 

While it is possible to get both sicknesses, the more pressing concern during this flu season is managing a possible influx of patients in hospitals. It is also possible that back-to-back infections of both diseases could lead to more serious long-term health problems like weak lungs. 

Experts are anticipating higher numbers of flu infections than last year due to the reduction of mask mandates. It is even more important this year to get vaccinated with both vaccines. 

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Last Year’s Flu Season

Last year’s influenza season had record-low numbers in the U.S. hospitalizations, cases, and deaths. A lot of this is due to most of the country being socially distant during that time. We cannot expect this to be the same case this year as the country is opening up a lot more now. 

There are a lot of concerns this year because of how overworked hospitals have been due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So where does that leave us for this year?

Why This Year’s Flu Season is Different

This year is different simply because we are talking about two disease influxes instead of just one. Health experts are warning of this influx, and some are concerned about schools reopening right when the delta variant rises. 

It is also possible that due to the reduction of social activities during the pandemic that our immune systems are not as strong as normal. Getting the influenza vaccine is so important this winter for this reason. 

Influenza and COVID Vaccines

When the COVID vaccines came out, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was wary of administering both vaccines at the same time. After some more study, the CDC has determined that both the COVID vaccines and the flu vaccines can be administered at the same time. 

Every person, including those who are at higher risk for contracting both of these diseases, should receive both vaccines. This would include pregnant people, children, and the elderly. 

Follow the CDC Recommendations

It is important to get both the COVID-19 vaccine as well as the influenza vaccine this year to help protect against an influx of hospital patients. The CDC does state that you can get the COVID-19 and the flu vaccine at the same time, and if you can get these shots, we recommend you do. 

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