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During the summer, sugar consumption is a major issue. Who doesn’t love an ice cream cone or cold soda on a hot day? Unfortunately, many of our common summer treats contain high amounts of sugar and can cause our blood glucose levels to spike dangerously. This is especially dangerous for people with diabetes or other dietary problems.

Part of staying safe and hydrated is keeping sugar consumption to a minimum. This summer, make sure to monitor your sugar levels and restrict your sugar intake to prevent health problems. Let’s look at a few practical steps you can take to keep yourself safe from excess blood sugar issues.

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Sugar Substitutes

This summer, see if you can incorporate sugar substitutes into your diet to keep enjoying a sweet taste without the calories and massive sugar consumption. Thankfully, there are plenty of good sweetener options safe for diabetics or anyone with similar health concerns. A few great ideas include:

  • Stevia
  • Monk fruit sweetener
  • Date sugar
  • Erythritol
  • Xylitol

Crystal Light

Crystal Light is a low-calorie drink flavoring mix designed to be added to water. For a sweet treat or soda substitute, Crystal Light is an excellent choice. Not only will the variety of available flavors appeal to even the pickiest person, but it will also encourage you to drink more water and thus stay hydrated, a critical activity in the summer. For anyone concerned about the artificial colors in the drink mix, Crystal Light Pure offers the same benefits with natural colors instead.

Avoid an Insulin Spike

For some diabetics, the concern remains that even sugar-free sweeteners can cause an insulin spike. It’s easy to claim yes or no on this question, but genuine scientific research on the topic has come up inconclusive. Like diabetes in general, each person’s body responds differently to stimuli. As you consider your sugar alternatives this summer, don’t take just one person’s word for it. Test your blood sugar yourself and watch your insulin levels after consuming artificial sweeteners. How are you affected? What’s the safest choice for your situation?

Pro Tip: High blood sugar leads to frequent urination, which can dehydrate you quickly in the summertime. Keep your blood sugar manageable to retain water and avoid overheating.

Manage Your Diabetes this Summer

No two people will experience diabetes and varying blood sugar levels in the exact same way. However, you can learn from others’ experiences and take steps to protect yourself from dangerously high levels of insulin or blood sugar. Keep yourself safe this summer through strategic diet choices and monitoring of sugar consumption.

Join the conversation for more ideas on how to reduce your sugar intake and enjoy a safe, low-sugar summer!