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The Hispanic population is one of the fastest-growing populations in our country. One of the keys to providing excellent care for our community is understanding them. So, what specialized care does the Hispanic population need? Let’s talk about the health disparities in the Hispanic population. 

Studies show that Hispanics have a lower risk of heart disease and cancer but are at higher risk for diabetes and kidney disease. While these statistics give us an idea of what to expect, all these risks depend on access to health care.

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Lower Rates of Heart Disease and Cancer

Despite many challenges, Hispanics tend to experience lower cancer and heart disease rates than whites.

A study by the Commonwealth Fund reveals that out of 100,000 deaths, 122 Hispanics vs. 169 Whites succumb to cancer. Also, 128 Hispanics vs. 172 whites succumbed to heart disease out of 10,000 deaths. So that makes Hispanics less vulnerable to the risks.

Higher Risks of Diabetes and Kidney Disease

While Hispanics have lower rates of heart disease and cancer, the paradox is that they have higher risks of diabetes and kidney disease.

About 50 percent of Hispanics are more likely to develop diabetes in their lifetime and are 50 percent more likely to succumb to the disease. Also, Hispanics are more likely to develop chronic kidney disease and cirrhosis.

Access to Health Care Changes Things

Most Hispanics have challenges accessing health care due to their working hours, lack of transportation, and inadequate income to devote to health. Unfortunately, this makes them more vulnerable to certain diseases.

But despite the vulnerabilities and cultural barriers, things can still get better with access to health care. Our community needs access to healthcare, and through Pasadena Health Center, they can have it.

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So yes, there are health disparities in the Hispanic population. But whether you’re vulnerable or less vulnerable to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or kidney disease, it’s essential to get regular checkups. That is where Pasadena Health Center can help you.

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