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The summer season is still with us, and it’s essential to know how to treat sunstroke. It is a condition where your body’s cooling mechanism gets overcome by heat, causing a high core heat. This can either be caused by dehydration or some other medical issue. Changes in mental status can also go with sunstroke, making it a medical emergency. It requires urgent and immediate treatment to prevent death.

How do you treat sunstroke? 

When the body overheats due to prolonged exposure to high temperatures, you can develop a sunstroke. You’ll experience symptoms like confusion, irritability, agitation, and even a coma. If left untreated, it can damage the heart and brain.

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Here is how to treat any heat-related illness. 

  1. Take a cold bath
  2. Put a cold compress on the back of your neck
  3. Rehydrate with water
  4. Stay in a shady and/or air-conditioned place

1) Take a cold bath

After performing an outdoor activity in the sun, consider taking a cold bath to lower your body temperature. An excellent way to do this is by immersing yourself in ice water. The quicker you do this, the faster you mitigate the risk of organ damage or death.

2) Put a cold compress on the back of your neck

Get a cold compress and place it on the back of your neck. Pack a special cooling blanket with ice and press it gently on your neck, armpits, and groin. You can also put the cold compress on your palms and feet soles to lower your body temperature.

3) Rehydrate with water

When the temperature is high, the body will lose much water and salt through sweating. To rehydrate your body, drink large amounts of fluids that contain salt and water, such as sports drinks. If you are restricted from taking salt, first check with your doctor.

4) Stay in a shady and/or air-conditioned place

Staying under a shade or an air-conditioned place can help to lower your temperature. If you have no air conditioner at home, find a building with air conditioning, like a movie theatre, mall, or a public library. Stay there until the symptom of heat stroke disappears.

Be Careful in the Heat

When there’s too much sun heat outside, you should be very careful to avoid sunstroke. Put on lightweight and loose-fitting clothing to allow your body to cool properly. Also, stay hydrated throughout the day so your body can regulate its temperature with sweat. 

Put on sunglasses and apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to your skin. Stay indoors, if possible, in a well-air-conditioned or well-ventilated building. 

Go to the Doctor

Even if you know how to treat sunstroke using home remedies, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. If you have symptoms or signs of heatstroke, seek emergency medical treatment. Home treatment is not enough for sunstroke.

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