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The sun is dangerous if you are not careful. Because of that, most people have experienced a sunburn at some point. That is why sunburn remedies that work are important to know so you can speed up the healing process. Let’s talk about the best sunburn remedies. 

How do I treat a sunburn? 

When you get sunburns, you need to treat them as fast as possible to help you heal and soothe the stinging skin. Otherwise, you’ll feel uncomfortable for longer than necessary. The good news is that there are many home remedies for sunburn.

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Here are some of the natural remedies for sunburn to consider. 

  1. Aloe Vera Is Your Friend
  2. Take Frequent Cool Baths and Showers
  3. Consider Taking an Anti Inflammatory 
  4. Let Your Blisters Heal
  5. Drink Lots of Water
  6. Get Good Sleep
  7. Try Home Remedies Like Oatmilk, Earl Grey Tea, and Honey

1) Aloe Vera Is Your Friend

Aloe vera gel is rich in a compound called aloin, lidocaine, or benzocaine, which can help stop inflammation and soothe irritated skin. The gel also helps to moisturize the skin, preventing it from drying and becoming flaky after healing from sunburn. Be sure to apply it as often as you need.

2) Take Frequent Cool Baths and Showers

Taking frequent cool baths and showers can help relieve the pain from sunburn. When you get out of your shower or bathtub, dry yourself, but leave some water on the damaged skin. Apply a moisturizer to trap moisture on the skin and ease the dryness.

3) Consider Taking an Anti Inflammatory

Anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen and aspirin can help you cut swelling and pain. This also applies to sunburns. That being said, it would be best if you stayed away from the sun until your skin pain and redness resolved.

4) Let Your Blisters Heal

If your skin develops blisters after sunburn, it means you had a second-degree sunburn. In that case, you should let the blisters heal completely. Don’t pop the blisters because they are part of the healing process. Blisters also help protect your skin from infection.

5) Drink Lots of Water

A sunburn draws body fluids to your skin surface and away from the other body parts. To replenish the water lost, you need to drink extra water during hot afternoons. When you get sunburned, you’ll not feel dehydrated, but it is still important to stay hydrated.

6) Get Good Sleep

For your sunburned skin to heal completely, you should give your body enough time to repair the damaged skin tissues. You can speed up the healing process by having plenty of rest. Getting enough sleep will assist your body manage inflammation.

7) Try Home Remedies Like Oatmilk and Honey

Having an oatmeal bath or soaking a sunburn in milk can help to reduce irritation and heal your skin faster. It also has a soothing effect on your skin. Honey has antibacterial properties that allow skin injuries to heal without getting infected. 

Bonus tip: Be Careful With Home Remedies

As you try out the home remedies for sunburn, you have to be very careful not to pop any blisters. Don’t apply petroleum jelly or ice packs on your sunburned skin. Avoid tight-fitting clothes over the damaged skin, and don’t try to remove the peeling skin. This can hamper your healing process.

Reduce Sun Exposure

One of the best remedies that work effectively is reducing exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Otherwise, sunburn can cause long-term damage to your skin, increasing the risk of developing skin cancer. For that reason, protect your skin from direct sunlight with protection like sunscreen.

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