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Coronavirus is still alarmingly widespread and overwhelming hospitals in Europe. As the US works to contain the spread and help those who are already sick, it’s important for you to stay informed of how this virus works and how to protect yourself and your loved ones. Myths and misinformation abound on the internet. Find trustworthy sources (like WHO or the CDC) for scientifically backed information and stay safe. Let’s debunk a few myths you may have heard already.

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1) Climate and Weather Do Not Affect the Spread

You may have heard that hot, humid environments make coronavirus spread faster or that cold weather kills the virus. Both rumors are false. The spread of the virus depends on human contact and is not affected by the temperature or weather.

2) A Hot Bath Will Not Kill the Virus

Taking a hot bath does not raise your body temperature enough to kill the virus, and may actually be counterproductive if you heat the water too long and burn yourself. The best way to keep yourself safe is still the CDC’s standard advice: wash your hands frequently and thoroughly, don’t touch your face, avoid public areas as much as possible, and avoid contact with anyone who may be infected.

3) There is Currently No Cure, Vaccine, or Medicine Effective Against Coronavirus

“Miracle cures” for the coronavirus are all over the internet, and some have an air of legitimacy. For instance, some believe receiving the pneumonia vaccine or flushing your nose with a saline solution will protect you from coronavirus. Both rumors are false. Since coronavirus is a new disease never previously observed in humans, no medicine or vaccine currently exists for it, though one is in development.

Pro Tip: While seniors or chronically ill patients are more at risk from coronavirus, everyone is able to catch the disease and spread it whether you become very sick or not. Protect yourself!

4) Eating Certain Foods Will Not Help

Whether it’s garlic, elderberry, salt, hot water, hot soup, or any other kind of food, it will not protect you from getting sick. Careful hygiene and avoiding potentially infectious areas are the only things known to work.

5) Using UV Light or Cleaning Products on Yourself Will Not Kill Coronavirus

UV disinfection lamps cannot kill coronavirus, and can in fact burn your skin. Chlorine or alcohol rubbed on your body will be equally ineffective since it can’t kill a virus that’s already inside you. Both of these gimmicks are useless and potentially dangerous.

6) The Virus is Not Spread Through Bug Bites

Finally, some have confused the spread of coronavirus with the spread of diseases such as west Nile virus, which is spread through bug bites. As stated above, coronavirus is spread only through human contact or infected objects. Mosquito bites will never help nor hinder the spread.

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Coronavirus is a significant threat, but with proper care and hygiene, we can reduce the number of cases and allow our healthcare system to catch up. Make sure to get your information from reliable, scientifically sound sources and avoid any “miracle cures” from random places on the internet.

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