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Are you ready for Medical Fitness Week 2019? Between May 6-12 this year, we’ll be focusing on physical activity and maintaining a healthy heart rate with positive exercise habits. There are activities for everyone!

Fitness Week promotes a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise regardless of your physical capabilities. From fitness classes to health education and social media engagement, there are plenty of ways to get involved and start improving your health.

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Move 150

It doesn’t matter how vigorously you can exercise, so long as you can get your blood flowing. Fitness Week’s Move 150 program encourages participants to spend at least 150 minutes exercising to the best of their abilities. This is a great way to start developing new habits and push your body to its limits. Check out #MFWMove150 on Twitter to see how this program helped others!

Pro Tip: Move 150 focuses on forming an exercise habit at your skill level. Don’t push yourself too hard if you can’t maintain it. Just take it slow.

Walk 10K

This walking challenge provides an excellent, community-driven way to walk a good distance and get your body moving. With a pedometer or other step tracker, you can track your progress and compete against others in the challenge. #MFWWalk10K can show you past years of this program and how it’s helped people push themselves to the limit!

Photo Contest

There’s also an added incentive for participating in Fitness Week 2019: a photo contest! Your photo of yourself or others working out could win you free tickets to the Medical Fitness Association annual conference, a fantastic place to learn about maintaining a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family. Submit your photo entries to mariann.murphy@medicalfitness.org and you could be the lucky winner this year!

Encouraging Year-Long Health

Don’t let the end of Fitness Week mark the end of your new healthy habits too. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, and self-care will enrich your life and keep you in good shape as long as you maintain your progress. We hope that the health information and activities promoted during Fitness Week 2019 will help you stay strong through the rest of the year. Your primary care physician can also help you stay on top of your health with regular visits.

Want to participate in Fitness Week events? Connect with us to find activities near you and invite your friends!