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In the week leading up to Father’s Day 2019, the medical community will be celebrating National Men’s Health Week. Spanning from June 10-16, National Men’s Health Week focuses on health issues typical faced by boys and men. This event is sometimes also called “wear blue day” since men are encouraged to wear blue to raise awareness of the cause.

This year, we’d like to encourage men to take proper care of themselves through regular checkups, mental health care, and more. We’ll particularly be focusing on preventive care and treating men’s health as the family issue it truly is.

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Preventive Health Care

Statistically, men are likely to avoid or put off a visit to the doctor, often only making an appointment when a particular medical problem becomes unbearable. This strategy is unfortunately not the time-saver people seem to think it is. Serious health concerns for men, particularly the alarmingly common prostate cancer, only worsen with time and become more difficult and expensive to treat. For National Men’s Health Week this year, remember there’s no shame in regular checkups and preventive care.

Pro Tip: Regular checkups do more than just keep you healthy overall. In some cases, a doctor will see a problem or disease in its beginning stages and can prevent it from worsening further.

Mental Health

According to Mental Health America, over 6 million American men suffer from depression, and 3 million have anxiety or similar disorders. Men also make up half of the 2.3 million bipolar patients in the US. Unfortunately, men are also less likely to consult a doctor for an official diagnosis and professional treatment.

As you examine your mental health for Men’s Health Week 2019, remember that your brain is an organ just like your heart or liver. And just like your other organs, your brain doesn’t always work perfectly and requires medical attention to get back on track. There’s no reason to be ashamed of your mental health any more than you would be ashamed of having a heart attack. The best thing you can do for yourself is monitor your mental health and visit a doctor if your thoughts or behavior become concerning.

A Healthy Lifestyle

It’s no secret that the typical American lifestyle is incredibly unhealthy. We eat junk food too much and exercise too little. One of the best changes you can make for yourself in 2019 is to alter your bad habits. Eat healthier foods and take a few minutes every day to exercise, even if you’re just walking around the block. The more positive lifestyle choices you make, the better your overall long-term health will be.

A Family Health Concern

A man’s health doesn’t just impact him, but his family. Trying to appear fine in front of your family can only make things worse down the road when a health crisis occurs. Perhaps worse, any children might follow your example of ignoring health problems, leading to a cycle of bad medical decisions. For this year’s National Men’s Health Week, think about how a better perspective on your own body and health can improve your family’s perspective as well.

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