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Are you interested in reaching out for counseling, but don’t know where to start? Counseling is broad and encompasses many subfields. With that in mind, we want to focus on 4 types of counseling that treat specific situations. 

What are some types of counseling?

There are many types of counseling for different people, including children, couples, and more. Counselors work with these people to boost their mental health and well-being. The end goal of counseling is to equip the patient with tools to better handle their situation. 

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  1. Marriage and Family Therapist
  2. Adolescent Counseling
  3. Grief Counseling
  4. Trauma Counseling

1) Marriage and Family Therapist

Even the most communicative couples could improve their marriage with couples counseling. Such counselors are certified to work with married couples and families with relationship issues. These could be communication issues, the loss of a family member, or divorce. No matter your situation, couples counseling can help you process what you’re going through in a healthy way.

2) Adolescent Counseling

The adolescent stage may come with many confusing and traumatic situations. Thankfully, teenage counseling gives teens essential skills to manage their emotions and handle stressful situations. A school counselor has the expertise to help teenagers grow into healthy adults.

3) Grief Counseling

Many family members experience losing a loved one at some point in their lives, and grief is a natural reaction to that. However, the level of grief and the recovery process varies from one person to another. An expert in counseling psychology can help people experiencing grief express their sorrows and manage their thoughts and emotions.

4) Trauma Counseling

Trauma is the emotional, physical, and psychological response to high levels of stress or fear. A trauma counselor can provide solutions to help patients explore their trauma and feel safe. Besides, the therapist is well-trained to work with trauma and can provide grounding techniques and awareness exercises to help patients recover from trauma.

We Can Help You

To become a licensed professional counselor, you must understand the 4 types of counseling and earn a degree in counseling and mental health. If you need assistance with cognitive behavioral therapy, you can let us help you.

Pasadena Health is Here 

So far, you understand the 4 types of counseling and how they operate. So, if you need help from a mental health counselor, you can visit Pasadena Health Center. We have a team of professional counselors working with various people struggling with their mental health. Also, we’ll teach you coping skills for different mental health disorders.

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