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There is a new COVID variant in the USA, but how does it compare to the Delta variant? Does this new variant pose more of a challenge, or do we need to focus on other strains right now? Also, how should we prepare our bodies for the upcoming winter illnesses? 

While the Mu Variant is not something that should be ignored, it is something for scientists to keep an eye on for the future. Right now, the United States doctors and scientists are focusing on the Delta Variant because it poses the most threat at the moment. The best thing the public can do to protect against COVID and other winter illnesses is vaccines, masks, and vitamins. 

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Difference Between Delta Variant and the Mu Variant

Although we do not know much about the mu variant or the lamba variant, we do know right now that the delta variant is more dangerous in the United States. The World Health Organization’s technical lead on COVID-19 says that the delta variant has effectively taken over all of the other variants of the virus. It is the most transmissible as well as the most aggressive. 

How Variants Are Classified

How do we classify the variants? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention health officials, there are four classes of variants: Variants Being Monitored, Variants of Interest, Variants of Concern, and Variants of High Consequence. These classifications are listed in order of severity, and right now the only variant that is considered a Variant of Concern is the Delta Variant. 

Right now, all of the other variants and classified as Variants Being Monitored. To learn more about this classification system, check out the CDC’s variant information page. 

Protections Against COVID

The good news about all of these variants is they are not immune to the protections we have available. The most effective protection against any of the variants (as well as other winter illnesses like the flu) is to be fully vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine (and the flu vaccine) and to wear masks when required.  

Boosting your immune system with vitamin D, Zinc, and other daily vitamins will also help fight against various germs and diseases. Other ways to boost your immune system are to get good sleep, only drink in moderation, and exercise regularly. This will help protect against infectious diseases. 

Protect Your Community

At the end of the day, the main variant of concern in the United States is the delta variant. While it is good to be aware of the other variants that exist, the delta variant is what our health officials are most concerned about. The best thing the public can do is to protect themselves by getting vaccinated, wearing masks, and taking precautions to boost immunity. 

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