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Board of Directors


Gina Manlove

Vice President:

Donna Wilson, RN


Linden Goehring


Raul Camarillo, Jr.

Other Members:

M. Vanessa Ayala Medina
Salvador Serrano, Jr.
Sara Cavazos-Chatsko

How to Apply to Become a Pasadena Health Center Board Member


The board will ask candidate to fill out the standard application form. A background check will be done at this time. References will also be checked.

Applicant will participate in the 3-step introduction process
  1. Applicant will attend a meeting
  2. Applicant will tour facility with an executive board member
  3. Applicant will interview with the personnel committee

Applicant will be asked a set of interview questions before they are presented to the full board for a vote.

Applicant will be presented for board membership with the presenting member articulating why this person would make a good addition to the board.

Once a new member is accepted by a majority vote they will sign a contract. The contract shall outline the responsibilities, attendance requirements, and board training requirements which the candidate is expected to complete. Board training should be scheduled as soon as possible and applicant shall attend board training scheduled by the board at regular board meetings.


Contact us to learn more about how to serve your community as a board member for Pasadena Health Center (PHC).